Thursday, April 13, 2006

Art imitating life

In an incredibly ironic twist of fate, the ABC TV show, Commander in Chief is swinging in the breeze, getting ready to be terminated after only one partial season. It was interrupted by the Olympics, World Series, and Christmas, showing mostly reruns or other things during those times, so truly, not even a full season. No one is saying whether it's the fact that the US isn't ready for a female president (of course they're not saying that, because that'd automatically kick Hillary to the curb), but ratings are king, and CinC wasn't getting them, for whatever reason.
Although in a pretty amusing plotline, delving quite close to home for Senator Clinton I'm sure, the presidents' husband gets busted with an intern in the next episode (whenever that is...I'm not even sure when it plays).
I like Geena Davis, but knew this one was headed to the toilet from the beginning. Glad to see that ABC isn't going to keep it around merely for the brainwashing effect.

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