Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Illegal Aliens fired after protesting

I'm reading various articles about these 15 women who were fired for not showing up to work in order to attend the anti-immigration law protests organized by the radical left wing idiots that typically take to the streets and give the media more wood than an old-growth forest. Not one refers to them as illegal aliens.
They're all referred to as 'immigrants', or 'undocumented immigrants'.
If we just accept the wording, we've lost have the battle.
Not only that but I just want to make one thing perfectly clear.
I have no problem with legal immigrants. My relatives were legal, my best friend growing up was a legal immigrant, another good friend of mine is married to a legal immigrant, I work with a ton of legal immigrants. Legal. That's the point. The fact that these people are out there protesting the fact that we're actually going to ENFORCE THE DAMN LAW just shows everyone the type of people they really are. And these fifteen women want people to feel bad for them because they didn't follow the rules at work, didn't show up, and got fired.
If I just didn't show up at work and didn't call in, or didn't have some damn good reason, I'd probably get fired as well.
But hey, feel sorry for them, they've broken the law, and should be shielded from anything bad.

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