Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Can someone PLEASE explain to me exactly why it is that the death and destruction in New Orleans is President Bush's fault?
I have a 144 IQ. I'm not a dumb man. I went to high school (before public schools went entirely to shit) AND college. I have a degree in both Political Science and Economics/Management and have since gone on to further my education in the computer field and get a job that requires that my intellectual capacity be toward the top end of the scale.
However, I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that people are actually BLAMING President Bush for the levee failing (DailyKos), and blaming him for the fact that the city flooded and people died.
This of course is ignoring the whole logic that the goddamn city is UNDER SEA LEVEL. That combined with the fact that the governor AND mayor set a new record in displaying an unbelievable amount of incompetence between not ordering an evacuation and then not asking for National Guard troops in a timely fashion, is what killed people. FEMA, while an incompetent government bureaucracy, didn't kill anyone. They merely acted in a fashion that anyone with any sense would expect from a government body. That'd be in slow motion. Well DUH. It has nothing to do with the fact that the residents of the city of New Orleans are black. They could be purple for all FEMA cares. Jesus Christ himself could be standing in the middle of the flood, walking on the water, and FEMA wouldn't act any quicker than they can possibly do, as a governmental agency.

Anyone with any sense knows that putting this sort of emergency response into the hands of a governmental bureaucrat and expecting a 911 (not 9-11, 911)level of response time is nothing short of naive at best. Ignorant at worst.

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