Thursday, September 01, 2005

Lowest form of life

Nah, I'm not talking about liberals, or even DemoncRats. I'm talking about looters (probably many of which ARE democrats or liberals, but that would take me off onto a tangent that I don't wanna go, at least for now).
A looter is the lowest form of life. The kind of person who feeds off of other people's misery. The kind of person who looks at the fact that everyone with an IQ over room temperature has left the area and decides that now is the time to get what he or she has been wanting at the local jewelry store, appliance store, or Walmart, but is too goddamn lazy to actually GET a job and buy it. A looter is the kind of person who sees the corpse on the ground, notices the nice watch on his wrist, and rather than having the honor to let the person who worked for it, be buried with it, would strip his corpse of the watch.

Society keeping you down? It's perfectly acceptable to these people to get even with 'society' for this by stealing from their neighbors, friends, markets in their area in order to get back at 'society'. And according to some, it's perfectly fine and understandable that they behave in this way, because society HAS kept them down.

Yeah, and if people keep shoveling that sort of bull around, we shouldn't have any problems getting things to grow down there once the water is drained out.

I just hope that if there's justice in the world, at least a couple of these asspirates decide to loot somewhere that the store owner stayed around, and he's sitting in his store with a large caliber handgun. And the instant they walk in and touch the nearest microwave, diamond pendant, or television, he allows them to make the decision to walk the hell away, and when they don't, he makes an example of them.

Either that, or one of the idiots drowns trying to keep all of his loot in one place, and gets some part of his body caught under it and can't escape, while the water climbs higher and higher, slowly letting him know that SOMEONE will make him/her pay for his stupidity.

That's not society keeping them down, that's their own idiocy. Come to think of it, it DOES sound like a liberal, doesn't it?

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