Monday, September 19, 2005

Lack of logic and sense

I know that I've pointed out the lack of common sense amongst liberals and Democruds, but time for a refresher.

1. 3000 or so school buses sit in a parking lot, ruined by the flooding. Thousands of people sit in their flooded neighborhoods. Mayor COULD have ordered the evacuation, used the buses, and gotten these people out of town. But apparently, the lack of an adequate evacuation plan is FEMA/President Bush's fault. The fact that Senator Landrieu was able to come up with 300 buses to transport voters to the polls when exit polls were showing her being down.
2. FEMA used to be a streamlined, reactive federal agency when Bill Clinton was president. At least if you ask his wife. Of course, if you ask the 250,000 people left homeless by hurricane Andrew in south Florida, they'll give you another story. Or how about the 25,000 left homeless by Hugo? Or the victims of the various earthquakes that have shaken California? Or perhaps the countless other people who've had to fight their way through the bureaucratic red-tape that is always abundant any time you have civil servants who cannot be fired for incompetency making decisions about people's lives.
3. President George Bush has apparently forgotten that he's a Republican. I'm not sure what to say here other than "George, please stop spending like a drunken sailor in the Philippines for the first time, with a month worth of poker winnings". $200 BILLION. That's Billion with a big ol' capital B. That's the price tag for 'rebuilding' New Orleans. Going back to the arguments used during the rebuilds of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida during the past 10-20 years when they've been hit by hurricanes, why is it that I, as a citizen of the midwest, where the worst thing that can happen is that we get BORED to death, am I paying for this rebuild with my tax dollars? While I LOVE New Orleans, I'm quite sure I can get a hurricane in Key West, and the cajuns will find somewhere else to cook their wonderful food and I'll make my way there. If commercial enterprises make the decision to go back to New Orleans and rebuild, fine, but taxpayers shouldn't be shouldering the biggest burden of the rebuild. Fix the levees, provide police protection, and provide drinkable water and infrastructure. I'm ok with that. But that should be it.
4. Global warming caused these hurricanes, so again, George Bush is responsible for the hurricane that targeted poor black people. By not signing the Kyoto protocol, President Bush apparently caused the hurricane. Not sure why it is that China or India (both of whom produce more greenhouse gases than the US) aren't blamed for this sudden shift in weather control, since neither signed the Kyoto protocol.
5. FEMA responded so slowly because the majority of the victims were black. Apparently the people who liked this criticism were either stupid or colorblind. Andrew? Mostly white victims, waited four days for help. Hugo? Large number of white victims, again, waited 3 days, and the only reason they got help when they did was because Fritz Hollings used his political clout to speed things up. HELLO?! The F in FEMA stands for FEDERAL. FEDERAL=ineffecient and bureaucratic. Period. Next question. The people who are pursuing this line of blame are the ones who benefit from it. The Al Sharptons, Kanye Wests, and Jesse Jacksons of the world who gain power every time they can blame a white man for a black man's failure. The real cause of the general failure of many black people from having success is the fact that they allow such complete ass pirates like Jackson and Sharpton to be portrayed as their leaders. So, lets use the people whose sole existence is to charge racism and profit from it as our role models, rather than the people who just go out there and succeed, like Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Thurgood Marshall, JC Watts, Michael Steele, etc.

More later....

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