Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mexico= Not our friendly neighbors

Is anyone else noticing the hypocricy displayed by Vincente Fox and the rest of the Mexican government when they talk about how their citizens aren't being treated fairly when they cross into America undocumented? For those of you who read that last part, undocumented = illegally. However, Fox won't acknowledge that they are illegally entering, only that they are unfairly being singled out by Americans and this will result in an environment of hatred.
Gee, I thought the fact that a large percentage of the manufacturing jobs moving to Mexico and China would result in an environment of hatred, not the fact that they still keep coming to the U.S. DESPITE the fact that more jobs have moved to Mexico as a result of NAFTA over the last 10 years than the Mexican economy has built in the last 30. But what can you expect when you elect socialists who would rather tear the country down for personal profit.
If there's anything that is going to tear the Republican party apart over the next four years, it will be illegal immigration.
There is a citizens group which has started an interesting project to address illegal immigration in Arizona. It's called the 'Minuteman Project'. These people are spending the next 30 days in the Arizona desert, patrolling the border, watching for illegals. They will then radio the INS/Border Patrol to report these people illegally crossing the border. President Bush has called them 'vigilantes', and Vincente Fox has threatened to take them to court to stop them from doing this. That would be the same Fox that is president of the country where fans at a soccer game vs the US chanted 'Osama, Osama, Osama' and booed the national anthem just a couple days ago. If our country is so bad, stay in your own.

In addition the Arizona chapter of the ACLU has said that they are going to monitor the Minuteman project to make sure that the citizens group isn't "violating anyones rights". Huh? I didn't realize that illegal aliens had civil liberties under our consitution.

Amazing, that our own president, the president I donated time, money, and effort to, wishes to call our own citizens vigilantes, but will not call illegals, illegals. Undocumented workers.

I don't mind that people come to our country, as it is the greatest country in the history of the world, with the extent of freedom and opportunity that other countries only DREAM of having, but if they do it, they need to do it legally. As the economy continues to worsen in some areas and the jobs continue to move from the US, our tax base will be unable to support these workers. And they're costing us billions in medical, welfare, foodstamps, and other programs. This has to end. Now.

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