Friday, January 28, 2005

Edward Kennedy blows goats

The following is my emailed letter to Senator Edward Kennedy(D)-MA:

You are the single most disgusting, treasonous pig in the history of this country, unless you wish to include Jane Fonda or Benedict Arnold. Saying the US military presence as part of the problem is like you blaming Dewars scotch for the drowning of Miss Kopechne (oh yeah, you never DID take responsibility did you?).

I'd like to think that you specifically mounted these attacks against the US two days before the Iraq election in order to influence this. But you're probably too pickled to think that logically.

You are an embarrassment to this country, to the servicemen of this country, and to your family. Having served this country honorably in the Marine Corps, I understand freedom. I understand freedom in a manner that the protected such as yourself will NEVER understand it. My brothers in arms are over there fighting for freedom not only for the Iraqi's, but for the world. And you put them in harms way by giving aid and comfort to their enemies. Your brothers would be disappointed in your lack of restraint and utter disgraceful behavior. You should resign now and be tried for treason. For the good of the country, resign.

Bottom line, he's been a lying treasonous ass for the 30-something years that he has been in the Senate. Please, folks in MA, do something about this drunk who is embarrassingly representing your state. Yeah, like I should talk having Commie Carl Levin as my senator, but at least he doesn't make it a habit of walking around in his underwear, drowning young girls that he's been sleeping with, or condoning sex parties at his Florida compound. Jesus, he makes Commie Carl look downright acceptable. And I thought Kerry was the idiot senator from MA.

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Anonymous said...

I really like your e-mail. I cannot speak from where you do, seeing as you were a marine, and I am only just about to graduate from high school, but I watched Kennedy this morning on Meet the Press and I've never watched some one act like such an idiot before. His comments just looked to hurt him, and coming right after Rumsfeld, (I thought he defended himself rather well on the show) he looked even more foolish. One part that sticks out in my mind:

"MR. RUSSERT: But, Senator, there is a difference. I asked him, "Do you agree with Senator Kennedy..."

SEN. KENNEDY: That's right.

MR. RUSSERT: "...on a fixed timetable?" He said no.

SEN. KENNEDY: I agree that he doesn't agree with my call for the immediate troop withdrawals..."

That last line, it was more how he said it "I agree that he doesn't agree with-" When Kerry stated himself he doesn't agree at all with Kennedy's withdrawl methods, he still acts like it is just a slight misunderstanding, and he agrees that he doesn't agree with him, what the hell is that? Agreeing that someone else doesn't agree with your methods, then why have opposing methods at all?