Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama's Ministry of Truth/Thought Police

So now, as if bold-faced lying to the public isn't enough, the White House wants their supporters (or the retards who aren't smart enough to realize that it's facist to do so) to report those who oppose their view of the health care debate if they use a fact or figure that doesn't quite jive with the White House version of things.  If you go to you'll see that they post an email where "concerned citizens" can report such 'misinformation', making sure that the public debate is on the up and up.

Really?  We want a public debate now?  I thought the Obamatons really only wanted their way and nothing else.  No discussion, you won remember?  There was to be no opposition because, let's face it, the American people wanted socialism, right?  This is the same group who would not allow opposing positions to be broadcast during their day-long suckfest/infomercial with ABC.  This is the same group who has to PAY people to show up to town hall meetings and to write letters, yet people who oppose them must be organized and are generally just uninformed mobs.  And yet, they want those of us who oppose them to be reported to this 'ministry of truth'-esque governmental organization?

And the most twisted part is that the page never actually references the actual bill in congress, it only refers to the lies that our president is telling people to their faces.  So, perhaps in Obamessiah's mind, these things are not part of his proposal, but read the damn bill Mr. PretendPresident.  It's there.  I promise.  Or have Michelle read it to you, since she seems to be the smarter of the two of you (and that's not saying much).  Or have that idiot wise-latina you just screwed the Supreme Court with read it to you.  Try to get her to say 'cabron' as much as George Lopez during a stand-up'd be a good drinking game.

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