Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Healthcare reform fact o' the day

Today's inconvenient fact comes directly from the bill itself, as opposed to the majority of what Our Dear Leader spouts from his pie-hole in his lies to the American people.

Thanks to Erick at Redstate.com for doing the research and finding this.
The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee's "Affordable Health Choices Act" contains an "employer mandate," or a legal requirement that all American businesses with 25 or more employees offer health insurance to their workers.  The penalty for failing to comply with this mandate to offer employees health insurance is a $750 fine per full time worker per year.
In 2008, employer-provided insurance policies averaged $4,704 a year for individuals and $12,680 for families, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. This means employers would be able to save $4,000 per worker (or $12,000 per family) by ending their employee health benefit programs and simply paying the federal government the fine.
Source: Senate HELP Committee bill fact sheet, pp. 7-8.
So, are you SURE that this will HELP small businesses Mr. President or are you just spewing your own propaganda?

Why is it that no one is questioning the intelligence of a president that obviously doesn't know his own positions or the bills that his own staff has put together?  Oh, yeah, because he's a Dimwitocrat and not named Bush.

Manchurian Candidate anyone?

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