Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Open letter to ABC

Dear Biased Scumbags,
To spend an couple hours a day during your newscasts fellating the latest Obama proposal and all those who worship the ground he walks upon is one thing.  But to spend an entire day on your knees in front of The Chosen One and his minions of evil boggles the mind.  I can't even see MSNBC proposing something requiring that much chapstick.  Make sure Charlie Gibson packs his industrial strength kneepads so as to not need to participate in the Obama healthcare plan for a knee replacement.
For you to not even allow honest debate to occur during this critical time in the development of a health care strategy for our nation is reminiscent of Soviet-style politics:  It's a free election, but only one candidate.  I suppose that being wed to Disney, you're getting used to the dictatorial-style of leadership, what with Disney's iron-fisted rule of their talent, so this probably seems normal to you.  What's amusing is that ESPN (another one of your Disney bretheren) actually got rid of that idiot Olberman for being precisely the arrogant dick that would pull such a stunt, and yet, here you are, doing it.

Well, welcome to the blocked setting on my remote control.  I'll miss Lost and Grey's Anatomy, and to a lesser extent Desperate Housewives (any chance to see Terri Hatcher in a towel, I'm there), but my principles are firm....principles, you remember those right?  No?  Look it up in Wikipedia.

Anyway, enjoy the fellatio-fest, I'll send a box of chapstick to your news office to help with condition following your "special" event.


Big Johnson

Ok, maybe I was a little harsh, but here's a version that you can probably send and not feel the crushing sensation that you're being as big a dick as me:

This entire program is a joke.  For ABC to spend a day worshiping the ground that the Obama administration walks upon is a disgrace to a once-proud news organization. 
As for Government run health care, take one visit to a VA and talk to the veterans whose lives depend on the shoddy care that is provided and see how well the government does with the small amount of health care they already screw up.  Look at Medicaid and tell me that the government can do better than private insurance. 

Just because the Obama administration THINKS they're the smartest people in the room, doesn't make it so. 

Thank you for being complicit in turning the United States of American into the United Socialist States of America.  I love Lost and Grey's Anatomy, but will no longer be watching them out of protest of your ridiculous bias in this issue.  To not even allow an alternative viewpoint to be presented is offensive and fascist and I will not support a network that works in that manner. 


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