Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Semper Fi Green Beret

A Green Beret, who fell in battle sent a posthumus email to his friends basically saying "Guys, thanks for being there for me, love you, party it up in Vegas". He paid for a $100,000 party for his friends in Las Vegas.

Not a bad gig for an Army dog. ;-)

And to combat any sort of stupidity by his friends, relatives, etc, to ensure that they don't decide to get all liberal on him, he included the following paragraph in his letter:
“Don’t ever think that you are defending me by slamming the Global War on
Terrorism or the U.S. goals in that war,” Jeffrey Toczylowski wrote. “As far
as I am concerned, we can send guys like me to go after them or we can wait
for them to come back to us again. I died doing something I believed in and
have no regrets except that I couldn’t do more.”


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