Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, since the day is almost over, I'll go ahead and post some predictions and we'll see how it comes out tomorrow:

1. Corker(R) over Ford in TN.
2. Steele(R) over Cardin in MD
3. Allen(R) over Webb in VA
4. Talent(R) over McCaskill in MO
5. Tester over Burns(R) in MT
6. Chafee (RINO) over Whitehouse in RI

Not going to make predictions about the Michigan races until the polls close. I've yet to vote, but I'll put my vote on display here, and let the bitchslapping begin:

1. Devos for Governor (duh). He's not the best candidate, but he's the best one with the shot to win
2. Bouchard for Senate. Best candidate. Period. No discussion. Stabenow has produced diddly shit for the state of Michigan and should be put out to pasture. Considering the amount of weight she's gained since being elected to the Senate, pasture is the appropriate term as well.
3. Terri Lynn Land for SoS. Hell, I don't even know who she's running against, but anyone who can turn the Secretary of State into the semi-high tech, smooth running bureau it's become, deserves my vote.
4. Mike Cox for Atty Gen. I like what he's done with hunting down deadbeat dads, telemarketing scammers, and id theives. I just wish he'd chill on going after the retailers. The law that MI has requiring them to price every item in the store is antiquated and needs to be removed.
5. Jack Hoogendyke for state House. Jack's the man. Plus he called me personally and wanted to make sure I voted for him. How can I say no?
6. Tom George for state senate. Tom is a good man, and no way the scum that he's been portrayed as by the Lipsey campaign and that pole-smoker John Stryker. Bet your grandpa's proud of the way you're spending his billions John.

Prop 1- Voting yes. Keeping the money that is designated for the parks by the users of the parks is not only fair, but fiscally responsible. When I pay $10 for a park pass, I don't want that money lining the pockets of some Granholm flunky in Wayne county.
Prop 2- Voting yes. Affirmative action is unfair, unconstitutional, and generally just not right. No way should governments be spending my tax dollars on programs that don't benefit the entire population, rather than a select group.
Prop 3- Hell yeah, shoot them damn doves.
Prop 4- Yes- This is the spin off of the Kelo case for MI. Requires that the state pay 125% of the 'market' value of your home, and makes it illegal for them to take it and transfer it to private ownership. Considering the average 'market' value that the state gives is less than real market value, I'm good with that.
Prop 5 - NO. We've been funding schools quite well, despite the whining you hear from the left and the teachers unions. This money will go nowhere but to teachers unions, pensions, and jack up your taxes, because we'll be constitutionally required to fund schools at a certain level, no matter what the other economic conditions in the state are. BS. In hard times, everyone must sacrifice, including schools.

Anyway, that's it for now. Remember, vote early and often......

A little vote fraud humor there folks....another prediction, we'll hear a lot of that phrase over the next few days, especially if the elections don't turn out the way the media is predicting.

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