Thursday, March 02, 2006

Congressman abuses staff

A congressman was charged with requiring that his staff babysit his kids, picking them up from school, driving them home, and tutoring them, running personal errands, and working on political campaigns other than the congressman, of course, while being paid by the Congressman, which turns out to be an 'in-kind' donation to that campaign. The aides also were forced to pick up the tab for the congressman's children at hotels and restaurants without reimbursement.
There was also tutoring for the congressman's wife, who was working her way through law school by some aides who had already completed law school and passed the bar. This would be the same wife who was involved in a bar fight, assaulting another woman, but being cleared by a judge, who also happened to be a long time family friend. Same wife that's also a Detroit city council member.
All of these things are denied (of course) by a spokesman for the offending congressman, since the congressman didn't have the honor to march out in front of the cameras and microphones on his own.
The congressman has had a history of ethics violations including taking turkeys from the Gleaners Food Bank that were meant for his office to distribute to poor constituents and instead distributing them to the Congressman's supporters, and a long history of conducting political operations for other campaigns out of his office, which is a major violation of house ethics rules.

Oh, by the way, this congressman, is NOT a Republican, like the majority of the media would think. This is John Conyers, D-Detroit. Why is this not in the media? If Tom Delay would have done half this, it'd be on the Communist News Network faster than John Conyers can race-bait. But since this is a liberal DemoncRAT, it's hidden on page 7 in the Detroit Free Press.

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