Friday, December 30, 2005

New Years Resolutions

Wednesday I was listening to the Sean Hannity show as I was driving up to Mount Pleasant, on my way to see comedian Ron White at the Soaring Eagle Casino. The guest host had an interesting topic: If you could set a New Years resolution for someone else, what would it be?

So I called in and got on the air with one of my hundreds of thoughts on this subject. Mine was for President Bush to continue to use his newly discovered backbone to take the fight to the liberals on the war, the intelligence, and the economy. Since he's started on the offensive and abandoned the 'oh we don't want to fight' policy, his poll numbers have increased and the Dems/Libs have had to resort to other whining. But I thought that since I didn't get to talk about the rest of my resolutions, I'd post them here:

Michael Moore: Cut down my usual meal to only 5 hamburgers, 2 chickens and go buy a razor.
Hillary Clinton: Realize that I'm not nearly as good a politician as Bill is and as a result I may actually have to pick an opinion and run with it.
Barbara Streisand: Go down to Walmart and purchase myself an economy-sized box of Clue.
Alec Baldwin and the rest of the left-wing moonbats in Hollyweird: Ditto
Cindy Sheehan: Honor the memory of my son and shut the hell up.
Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe and the rest of the spineless Republicans who only pretend to be conservative when they're running for re-election: FINALLY change that R next to my name to a D as everyone has suspected all along
Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan, Al Sharpton and the rest of the race baiting 'leadership' of black America: Finally realize that the majority of black America does not actually share their views of the world. The majority of black America is anti-abortion, anti-crime, and pro-economic growth and actually shares more in common with Republicans than Democrats. Stop treating intelligent blacks like Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, et al, like traitors to thier race.
Vincente Fox: Realize that my country sucks and that I need to do something to actually make my people want to stay, rather than flee over the border.
Jacques Chirac: Ditto

The American People: Realize that as we continue to by cheap, crappy products from China, we continue to export American jobs and with those American jobs, our future. Start looking on the packaging and buying stuff that's made in the USA when you get the chance. The job you save, may be yours.

And for me? Try to be a bit more opinionated, try to post here at least once a week, and try to slap around libs every opportunity I get!

Happy New Year.

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