Thursday, December 08, 2005


For Democrats to have the audacity to say out of one side of their mouths that they support the troops, but out of the other, say that we have to pull out of Iraq is complete and total hypocrisy. Which part of the whole mission statement of the military do they not get? The 'danger' part? Oh, I'm sorry, yeah, you're right, wars should be bloodless and no one should ever get hurt, kind of like the Kosovo and other 'wonderful' military campaigns that were executed by William Jefferson Clinton. Those jokes of a military action were obviously for TV sake and only to distract the media from what was really going on in the news, such as Monica's testimony, etc.

The mission of the military is victory. Plain and simple. There's no halfway to it. Either you're with the program, or you're not. You can't support the troops, but demand that they quit doing what they're doing. They're in Iraq to provide security until the Iraqi people can do that for themselves. For John Kerry to criticize the president, criticize our being in Iraq and demand for a pullout, and then say that he's concerned about troop safety is complete and typical bullsnot, fully expected from an uppity northeastern liberal who thinks he's better than everyone else and who likes to portray himself as a hero, even though he's an utter scumbag. For him to provide comfort to the enemy like this is nothing short of treason.

Next time Kerry is in a public forum, someone needs to shout out to him why it is that he's calling our troops terrorists, kicking in doors, terrorizing the Iraqi people. He's a liar, a con-man, and a squanderer of other peoples wealth.

Whored Dean is another scumbag out there, whining about how the US will never win in Iraq and how it's a lot like Vietnam.

Yep, it is like Vietnam, Whored.....a bunch of scumbag hippie types like yourself whining and pissing and moaning, loving it when a bunch of Americans get killed because then you can point to the president in indignant self-righteousness and say "See? We're right", and hoping that it helps you politically.

Screw you Commucratic anti-American idiots. You should be ashamed of yourself, and shouldn't even call yourself Americans.

Oh yeah, and Google Sucks.

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