Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's good for the goose.....

So President Obama has decided to single out private citizens who donate to the Romney campaign and publicly attempt to shame them ("Works for a company that forecloses on homes", "supports big oil", etc).  So I figured turnabout was fair play.  Here's a short list of upstanding citizens who have donated to the Obama campaign:

Celta Kirkland - Alpharetta GA - $5000 - unemployed, but a little research found that she's an author for the Jamaican Observer.  And her Linked-in profile says she's from Jamaica.  Foreign national?  hmm

Scott Goldie - Canton, NY - $5000 - lawyer, ambulance chaser, personal injury lawyer who drives up the cost of doing business, insurance, and medical care for everyone in society.

Marcus Jensvold - Houston, TX - $5000 - owner, M.D. JENSVOLD & CO., INC, Insurance company providing support for Big Oil.

Allyson Laackman - Chicago, IL - $5000 - Chief of Staff for the First Lady.  But before that she worked for Arthur Anderson for 10 years.  You remember Arthur Anderson, right?  The creators of the Enron, WorldCom, and other scandals where widows and children lost their savings?  And after that, for French American Securities.  More people stealing the money of widows and children, right?

Susan E. O'Conner - Clinton, MT - $5000 - Relative of the owner of Saroc Inc, an oil company.  So, not only did she do nothing to earn her money (using the liberal logic), but the money is dirty because it's an oil company.

See?  This can be fun if you just make a game of it.

I think I may do some more research and see what other fun stuff I can find.

BTW, the sources for my information are and the Internet (where I search the person's name or employer's name and go to their company website).  There's no guarantee that whatever I've found out there is 100% accurate, but let's face it, there's no guarantee that the Obama campaign's lies are accurate either.  Of course, they have the IRS, FBI, and TSA on their side and are funding their informational searches with billions of tax payers dollars.  I'm doing it in my underwear as I wake up on a Saturday morning.

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