Friday, August 06, 2010


I've not posted much in the way of original content lately, mostly relying on other folks to do my job for me.  This is partly because Facebook has taken over as my main venting area as well as a great area to have discussions with lots of folks, but also because I've been so amazingly irritated with various things that I can't sit down for any period of time and put my thoughts together sufficiently to get them here.  However, this is going to be an attempt to do just that:

1.  Michigan gubernatorial primary - There are those who are saying that the Michigan Right to Life is solely responsible for a candidate being chosen that is not explicitly pro-life.  I disagree.  Hoekstra and Cox split the right to life vote, opening the way for Snyder.  Additionally, I think a lot of Democrats went out and voted for Snyder thinking that he would be the weaker candidate of the three against Bernero, who pretty much had the nomination in the bag.  Those Democrats fully intend to vote for Bernero in the fall, but figured it'd be fun to f--- with the Republicans.  Had my candidate (Mike Cox) been solidly in the lead, I would have done the same, voting for Andy Dillon.  But that, of course, is the danger of having an open primary where you don't have to be registered as an R or D to get that particular ballot.  Same thing happened in 2000 when McCain won the Michigan primary after W had the nomination well in hand.  A large number of Democrats organized an effort to make Bush look bad and put McCain over the top. 
Snyder isn't my first choice, but given Bernero's slavish sucking on the union teat, he's definitely going to be better than that Lansing idiot.

2.  Immigration - several years ago, when the Bush administration was struggling (and failing) with immigration reform, I posted my opinion here on a regular basis.  It's not changed.  I support the Arizona law and believe that ALL law enforcement should have the ability to check an individual's immigration status, no matter whether they're Mexican, Cuban, Haitian, Russian, or Canadian (not that you'll be able to tell with that one, unless they ask the officer "Hey, what's this all about(pronounced a-boot)?" 
If law enforcement can give you a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, why the hell can't they arrest you for being in the country illegally?  Seems like idiocy to oppose this.
However, I don't think that focusing on the supply is going to stop this problem.  Just like the "war on drugs" you have to focus on the supply and the demand if you truly want to address the issue (no, don't get me started on that).  Start arresting the people who hire illegal aliens.  Employers who fraudulently submit social security numbers that don't belong to their illegal employees should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Make it more expensive for those who hire illegals and they won't hire them any longer as it won't be worth the risk.  Perhaps you'll kill two birds with one stone and help the lower end of the employment scale, getting those lower skilled Americans some jobs.

3.  Gay Marriage -  Who the hell cares?  If two people want to get married, why the hell do I give a rats ass whether they're two women, two men, or a man and a woman.  And how the hell does that 'weaken traditional marriage'?  WTF is wrong with you morons?  Don't you think that we have a lot more immorality going on in our streets that needs to be addressed way before this sort of shit?  Oh, it's perfectly fine that my grandkids that aren't even born yet are already $40,000 in debt, thanks to the reckless spending of the government, but you want to make it a big deal that two people want to get married?  F--- off and die you busybody turd.  The government should not be sticking their noses in the bedrooms of anyone.  Ever.  I mean f---ing ever.

4.  Legalized Marijuana -  Again, who the hell cares?  I do find it ironic that many of the same people who fight against cigarette smoking in public are fighting FOR legalized marijuana, but eh, that's another discussion.  I fail to see the difference between alcohol and marijuana.  There are countless studies that show that marijuana is NOT a "gateway" drug and just as many people who move on to cocaine, crack, meth, or heroin also drink booze.  Just a waste of taxpayer dollars to arrest and incarcerate people who grow a little pot here and there or who are caught with a little here and there.  Get over it, Reefer Madness was a propaganda film.

And that's what I've got to say.....

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