Friday, September 18, 2009

Apparently, I'm a racist....

At least according to Jimmuh Carter, the smartest man ever to hold the presidency, because I oppose ObamaCare, I am a racist.  Those of us who don't want to see our government grow any larger and control any more of the economy than it already does, we're racists because we're disagreeing with something that a black man has presented. Since I disagreed with Colin Powell's advice to President HW Bush to NOT decimate the Iraqi army and go into Iraq in 1991 during Desert Storm, that must also prove I'm a racist.  Additionally, just to make sure that we cover all the bases, my best friend, who is Puerto Rican, loves Notre Dame, and wouldn't piss on a Domer (Golden Domer...Notre Dame student/fan) if they were on fire...I must be a racist.

But what about all those left-wing anti-war types who disagreed with Condoleeza Rice's assertions that we needed to be in Iraq and that we were doing the right thing?  Are they NOT racists because the face of the decision-making was President Bush?  They consistently argue that W was an idiot and his advisors were doing all the decision making, so essentially, Secretary Rice was making the decisions, so are they racist for disagreeing with her?
How about Teddy Kennedy?  Was he a racist for nearly submarining the nomination of Clarence Thomas?  He didn't have the intellectual firepower to disagree with Justice Thomas' opinions, so he had to attack him on a personal level.  Wouldn't that smell of racism far more than those of us who are opposed to President Obama's plan based upon actual facts?

What bothers me the most is that these idiots who use the term 'racist' at every turn, take away the power that the word used to have.  It used to be, if someone was declared a racist, it was because they either wore those hated white sheets or could have easily fit into them.  He or she had no issue with the declaration that one race was superior to another either by words or actions.  However, with the use of the word reduced to an everyday accusation, it loses its power.  It's a lot like the 'f' word.  When you hear Eddie Murphy or George Carlin use it, it's almost like just another word.  But when Jerry Seinfeld uses it, everyone stops and is agape.

I think essentially, these people who pretend to be concerned about racism, are essentially hurting their own efforts by throwing out that word for every single situation where a person of one race disagrees with a person of another.  That's not racist, that's being a human being.  We don't all agree and we shouldn't.

Dictionary definition of a racist is someone who believes that one race is superior or inferior to another.  Notice, it does not identify the racist as having to be white, despite what the mainstream media reports.

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