Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And we're the ones "stealing" the election?

In a Philadelphia polling place (which happens to be in a public housing facility...go figure), there was a report of two Black Panthers standing outside the polling place, allegedly acting in an intimidating fashion. Here's the video:

Now my question is, it's Philadephia and it's a public housing facility, it's a Dimwitocrat stronghold, why the heck post a Black Panther guard there to ensure no funny-business happens? It seems if they have any sense (yes, I know, assuming a lot there) that they'd go out in the suburbs and stand in front of an elementary school, because it's in places like that where if you were an idiot conspiracy theorist, you'd think the Republicans would stuff the ballot boxes. In places like Philly, only the Dimwitocrats do the stuffing since there ARE NO Republicans.

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