Friday, October 19, 2007

Am I on crack or is this reporter?

In a story on the LA Times website, they reference Hillary's uncanny ability to raise money in areas where no candidate was successful doing so before. Specifically, they point to thousands of dollars coming from waitresses, dishwashers, and other low-paid people who live in New York's Chinatown. They attribute her success to her ability to get the community leaders behind her and get them to convince these people to donate.


I have another theory, call me crazy if you want....

How about, these people don't really exist and that they are merely fronts for illegal campaign donations?

Just throwing that out there. It seems that Hillary has this problem on a regular basis, as did her husband. Google John Huang, James Riady, or Liu Chaoying and do a little research and you'll see that her husband had amazing support from the Chinese immigrant community. Bafflingly high support when it comes to fundraising.

The article seems to insinuate this theory of mine, but it's obvious that the author didn't want to start another investigation, as they never come out and really say it.....

If assholes/liberals (interchangeable) are going to insist upon the 'fairness doctrine' in radio, let's have it in newspapers like the LA Slimes as well, eh?

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