Monday, July 16, 2007


So, when you get old, apparently you start falling apart.

First, I was playing basketball (yes, for those who know me, this is an amazing feat in itself. Basketball to me was always the sport boys played while the men were busy playing Hockey, but I digress) and came down hard on the side of my foot, spraining my ankle. Had some bone bruises, but mostly was ok as a result.

Unfortunately the hobbled walking that I did, as well as the crutches, seemed to awoke a rebellion in my lower back as it seems that it doesn't want to listen to the signals from my brain to chill the hell out. Spasms have pretty much knocked me out for the last three days or so. It's been tweaked for a while, but I must have done something over the last week or so to fire it up, as there is a full on civil war going on around the kidney area and a wide band thereabouts.

I sent in negotiators from Darvocet and Flexeril, but they only seemed to knock me out. Stretches and exercises that I used the last several back problems don't even make a dent.

Someone, please, declare a jihad on me so I can strap a belt to myself, and go running into a mosque.....

all in the name of jihad and backspasms of course

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