Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Denver, how did you become Berkley?

In an attempt to out-liberal Berkley CA, Denver has recently decided that they wanted to be the hippie, tree-hugging, bicycle riding, capital of the world.
The mayor there has proposed that instead of allowing the market to decide where people live (or, God forbid, the PEOPLE to decide), he wants to institute higher insurance rates for the amount of driving that people do. This would, in his mind, penalize people who live in the suburbs and of course force them back into his city (becoming Denver taxpayers again, as opposed to suburbanites). Of course, he's billing it as an environmental thing, to lower emissions from the vehicles that drive the additional miles, but we all know that it's not that at all.
Additionally, Denver is going to charge their residents more money to dispose of their garbage, recycle, and a number of other things. Users of large amount of electric or natural gas will be charged extra as well.

My question is this: Will this have any affect at all, environmentally? Or will it merely cripple the city, by forcing companies to relocate to the suburbs because quality employees won't want to drive into the city (for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the insurance hike)? The companies would have to pay employees more to compete with suburban companies because of this additional cost to the drivers. Additionally, how many people in Denver can barely afford to live their now, and the additional cost of utilities and garbage disposal may force them elsewhere as well. And how many poor people do you think live in energy efficient homes? So those poor people, who I am sure that the Denver mayor campaigned that he 'cared' about so much, will be the ones penalized the most, because they live in older homes that may not be as efficient, where they may have to use space heaters to keep warm (horribly wasteful) will be charged extra for using more electricity than some rich families that can afford to purchase new, efficient furnaces, insulation, windows, etc.

Typical liberal socialist stupidity. Make everyone pay for the agenda of a select few, while those select few barely sacrifice at all.

One other thing....

The warmest years on record in Denver? 11/12 were before 1990. Coldest morning in 50 years? June 8, 2007

Yep, that's some global warming going on out there.

Careful, may get frostbit from all that global warmin

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