Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I don't know if I'm reading this article correctly or not, but it seems as if it's saying people who have children with Down's syndrome want to make sure that the population of people with Down's maintains at a stable level.

Now, I guess I can understand their logic, if there are less people with Down's, there will be less support for them from the government and I truly believe that this is part of the role of the government, to take care of the folks who can't take care of themselves.

However, it just strikes me as odd that they would be arguing against the ability to lower the population of people suffering from Down's as well as the families struggling with supporting their loved ones with it. I mean, if you live through it, you'd think that you wouldn't want others to have to suffer through the same issue. The point of the article is more that women who are told before birth that their child is going to have Down's, they have an abortion.

Funny that out of the blue, the NYSlimes is suddenly anti-abortion.

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