Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Outside the Wire- DVD

Disclaimer: I am not receiving anything from this movie, website, producer, or anyone related to this production. Hell, I wish I was.

Outside the Wire, as mentioned on hotair.com today looks to be an amazing documentary. One that shows the real Iraq war, not the one that these desk jockey pogues who like to imagine themselves with a clue would like to portray. The one that is dirty, dangerous, but yet rewarding and something that the real men and women of America, the ones that still have the intestinal fortitude to stand for something are willing to volunteer for and die for.

Every member of congress should watch this movie, each of the candidates running for president should be required to watch this movie, and somehow we should raise enough money to send Cindy Sheehag and every member of Code Pink a copy of this movie as well.

No, I've not seen it, but I ordered mine today. Order yours and an extra copy (no, you bastard, don't copy it...save that technology for stealing movies from those commies in Hollywierd). The trailer looks better than most of the movies getting ready to come out this summer 'blockbuster' season.

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