Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Barbra Streisand is an idiot

But you knew that.....
So, Ms. Streisand, an ardent demoncRAT, was embroiled in a controversy back in 2002, regarding a horribly written memo, faxed to Richard Gephardt, where she misspelled a number of things, including his name (Gebhardt), and showed herself to be generally unintelligent through the response to the uproar, blaming it on an employee, then saying that the message was dicated, and finally just choosing to ignore that fact that she's a moron and blame the Republicans for pointing out the misspellings, as opposed to the content. In fact, in a posting on her site, it says that
"THE IRONIC FURTHER TRUTH.. Hidden in this example of diverted news priorities is the fact that Barbra Streisand is a great speller, meticulous in her written communications!"
Well, superspeller has struck again. During a rant about the war, the port deal, and so-called corruption in this administration, she once again, misspelled several words in her rant. Now, this wouldn't be so bad, because hey, no one is perfect. But she had to play the "W is Dumb" card, calling him a 'C-student'. Now, perhaps he got a C or two, as did her buddy Kerry, and his predecessor Gore did even worse, getting a D in a science course, and 5 F's in 8 classes in grad school(he washed out of divinity school). By the way, he has an MBA from Yale, she has a high school degree. However, he's not the one out there talking about how smart he is, and how dumb she is. It's the other way around. And while she'll blame this on an employee again, and say that Republicans are just doing this to mess with her message, I'm quite sure that we can mess with her message, as unintelligent as it is, without even addressing the misspellings.
1. In the first paragraph of her rant, she basically accuses congress of not having the courage to impeach the president, referring to the fact that occasionally, despite party loyalty, the legislative branch has had the courage to step up in their oversight of the executive branch(she didn't use such big words of course, and babs, if you're reading this, call me, I'll explain it to you). Of course, she doesn't really say why it is that President Bush should be impeached, just that he should be. Apparently the whole 'breaking the law' part of the impeachment process was skipped during her high school civics lesson. That would explain her equal incredulousness when President Clinton was brought up on charges during his term.
2. She says that President Bush ignored clear warnings prior to 9/11 that it was going to happen. Um....that's so stupid I can't even begin to address it. Except to say that apparently in her eyes, the world did not exist until 2000, when President Bush won. Once that happened, everything that occured prior is a wash. No matter that President Clinton could have had Osama bin Laden at least three times, alive, and could have struck with missiles at least two others to kill him.
3. She states that the administration is closing a deal with Dubai Ports World to allow them to operate the ports. Well, that's just plain wrong. The administration is doing no such deal. The deal was done when DPW bought P&O port operations. The administration just rubber-stamped the deal, and while we've had some discussions here about that deal, it's not as simple as Babs would like to think. It's not just one simple deal, other ports are operated by countries that support terrorism just as well (uh...hear of China, Babs? no, not the dinnerware).

The rest is general liberal blather that, well, I'd rather not waste bandwidth on....you get the picture.

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