Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Culture of Corruption

Yes, some Republicans are crooked as a sailors walk, but for Dimwitocrats to espouse their view that President Bush has presided over a 'culture of corruption' is just a joke. Pure politics, and I think that the American people see it for that, which is why it's really not getting much in the way of traction, no matter how much their complicit allies in the media beat on it.
It's raising the negatives for all politicians across the board, which, since they are the majority party, obviously bodes badly for the Republicans. But let's take a look at some of the recent things that have happened on the other side of the aisle, since SeeBS, PMSNbc and the rest of the idiots out there in the major media likes to gloss over them and focus on one guy (Tom Delay):
Harry Reid, Nevada, Senate Minority leader- accused of taking free tickets from boxing commissions when the Senate was considering forming a federal boxing commission to regulate boxing. Since he 'loves boxing' Harry seems to think that this is perfectly fine to do. Harry Reid also took a significant amount of money from the various tribes represented by Jack Abramoff. That'd be the same Abramoff that's been tied to Delay and the major idiots in the media have done their best to insulate their buddies on the Dimwitocrat side from. Senator Reid has also worked to get grants in his state for organizations through the federal government where the recipients were then indicted for their use of the money. He's also had a protege indicted on corruption charges, who Reid handpicked to run for congress.
Dirty money? Yep, Reid has that as well, if you just look at $37,000 donated to his campaign by a company funneling money to him. Oh, and just in case you wanted some nepotism, Dirty Harry has that as well. I'm sure he had no idea that his sons company stood to benefit.
How about Nancy Pelosi, the Dimwitocrats poster girl for clean living?
Well, first, she voted against a house rule that would ban gifts from lobbyists. God knows we can't have our Congressmen buying their own stuff. Never KNOW what may happen then. And her PAC was fined $21,000 for violating federal election laws. She also violated house rules by just not filing trip reports from as long as 8 years ago until another congressman came under fire for it, then of course, they were conveniently remembered.

Bottom line, yes, there are corrupt Republicans out there. But no more than corrupt Dimwitocrats. And their BS 'Culture of Corruption' thing is luckily being seen by the majority of people as utter politics. Unfortunately, their slopping the mud around is getting a lot of otherwise clean folks extremely dirty, which is unfortunate.

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