Monday, April 03, 2006

"United 93"

In what is probably the most powerful trailer I've seen for a movie, 'United 93' definitely elicits a number of emotions. It's generated a good amount of criticism that it's 'too soon' to be making movies about the 9/11 tragedy and that people won't pay $9 to go see it.
I disagree. I think that a good number of people will want to see what purports to be a full story of what happened that day on that flight. Considering that flight was stopped well short of it's destination (which is alleged to be the Capitol building or the White House), it's kind of been the red-headed stepchild when it comes to the overall attention span of the American public.
The interesting portion in my eyes will be the depiction of the military and air-traffic control point of view. That area really hasn't been discussed at any level and I've always wondered what it was like to be in an ATC tower that day. I'd imagine that it wasn't much different than the rest of us, just shock and horror, but probably with a bit more of a personal standpoint, since they were in contact with the planes until the last moments.
Anyway, if it's controversial enough for people to complain that it's too soon and that people don't want to be reminded, it must be something that I want to remind people about.

After all, do we really want to forget the reason we're fighting terrorists all around the world?

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