Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Points for creativity

I hate cheaters. I figure if you can't play by the rules and win, then you don't deserve to win. That's not to say I won't do everything in my power and within the structure of whatever rules that are in place to win. But to a limit.
That's why I don't like Barry Bonds. I used to like Raphael Palmeiro, but he's a liar and a cheat as well. Anyone who goes up to Capital Hill and lectures congressmen about how he'd never use 'roids, and then turns around and pops positive is not only a liar and cheat, but an idiot. He's even dumber than the congressmen foisting this pretend inquest on the public.
But I'll give props to the San Diego crowd, and whoever it was that threw the syringe at Barry during opening day. Now THAT is funny.
No word whether Barry picked it up and put it in his pocket for later use.....

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