Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gutless Cowards

Hamas. Palestine. Egypt government. Fatah. Iranian government. Anyone who condones the latest suicide bombing in Israel, where 20 people were killed in a restaurant, is an idiot. I'm not just name calling, I'm truly establishing a position where we examine their mental faculties. I mean, seriously, can you really talk about Israel being the 'occupying' force when it's been in the area since 1948, and before that the British were in control? After you 'occupy' an area for a certain length of time, isn't it pretty much an assumption that it's yours? Do we want to talk about the Palestinians being occupiers of Ottoman land? Or even Roman land, considering that area belonged to the Romans WAAAAY before it became Palestine. Or how about the Greeks? Or even the Africans. According to most anthropologists, life started in Africa, so theoretically, every piece of land not occupied by Africans, is subject to this same arguement. Thus, in actuality, Australia is 'occupied' land. I demand that Australia start making plans to move their people off the island immediately and allow the African people to move back to the area that they've civilized, developed, and turned into a proper country. Luckily no one lives in Antarctica, otherwise I'm sure someone, somewhere would get pissed off and demand that the penguins leave their land, as defeated occupiers.
You lose a war, you lose. I completely disagree with the movement of the Israeli settlers off the lands that they've owned since the Yom Kippur war. Israel was attacked by Egypt and Syria, not the other way around. It wasn't like Israel was sitting there thinking "yeah, we need some more DESERT to try to settle, secure, and inhabit". No, they were attacked, and as a result of kicking the ASS of the Egyptians and Syrians, they got to keep some of the lands they won. Get over it.
While everyone would also like to make this not about Islam vs Judaism, everyone knows it is. Who else really thinks that once given their 'land', the Palestinians will say "Oh, well, thanks, now we'll build our country and leave you alone"? Ya think? Yeah, that and monkeys will fly out of my ass....

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