Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jenny from the block is here to help

State of Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm, is hosting a petition on the state of Michigan website that urges President Bush to do something about gas prices. Not only does this display Jenny's complete lack of any sort of economic knowledge, but it also shows her desire to make a quick bit of political hay, all the name of 'caring for Michigan families'.

Instead of this stupid political gesture (paid for by tax dollars, by the way), perhaps Jenny can do something that really DOES help Michigan families.

I propose that she, in cooperation with the Michigan legislature, suspend the state of Michigan gasoline taxes for the summer driving season. That would not only help Michigan families keep some of their hard earned money in their pockets, but ALSO help our number two industry, tourism. Visitors to our state could be able to drive a lot less expensively than other states, and enjoy much more of the bounty that IS Michigan. If you think this is a good idea, go here and tell her. In fact, go to Dick DeVos' site and suggest he start supporting it as well.

Think it'll happen? Yeah, me neither.

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