Friday, April 21, 2006

The mass media blows

Once again a story that would make the Dimwitocrats look bad, but is being buried on the back pages of most of the major newspapers, IF it's being published at all.
Jon Rutherford, a major contributor to the Michigan Democratic party, Jennifer Granholm, Kwame Kilpatrick, and the Democratic National Committee, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit for evading income taxes and concealing $750,000 in political expenditures.
A twenty two count indictment, including conspiracy tax evation, failing to pay tax witholding to the IRS, and false statements to the IRS.

Now, if this was Jack Abramoff, who has contributed, or funneled millions to Republicans (and Dimwitocrats, as I've shown in previous posts), this would have been front page news on the NY Slimes. A search on their site for Jon Rutherford shows NO results. Shocker!!
How about the Washington Post? Same result.
Boston Globe? Nope

Maybe there's a geographical issue, since those papers are in the Northeast and this is a Michigan problem. Well, the Free Press covered it. How about the Chicago Tribune, since Chicago is notorious in their machinations for the Democratic party. Amazingly, they DID have the article on their site. However, going to the home page of the site, and looking for a link to it, I was completely unable to find the story. While it's on their site, there's no link to it anywhere. So basically an orphan story.

Typical crap, but as long as there are bloggers, the stories will get out there....

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