Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oil companies: $.11/gallon, Feds: $.60/gallon

So, the grandstanding asspirates that make up the government are now calling for an investigation into gasoline prices, saying that the 'windfall' profits that they're making are unfair when the average American worker has to pay nearly $3.00 a gallon for gasoline.
So, let's take a good look at it for a second. According to several studies, oil companies make on the average of anywhere from $.07 to $.11/gallon of gas. How much does the federal and state governments make on each gallon of gas? Of course, that depends on what state/county you live in, but it ranges between $.30 to $.60 a gallon. And of course, is anyone calling on an investigation into the preening showboats that swear to every TV camera they can get in front of that they'll get to the bottom of the 'price gouging' that's going on, and when the cameras get turned off, drive off in their taxpayer funded motorcade, to a waiting jet that takes them to a fundraiser, where they'll do some more sucking at the taxpayer funded teat, along with some prancing for the cameras again.
We also note that there hasn't been a new refinery built in the last thirty years in the US, but during that same time our gasoline/oil consumption has increased by at least 35%, merely due to the expansion of our economy and population. Who would be responsible for the complete lack of addressing the supply side of the 'supply/demand' equation? Oh yeah, the same slimy little weasels on the Sunday morning talk shows whining about the Exxon CEO's retirement package (don't get me started on their retirement package).
How about all these varying blends of gasoline that have to be created in order to meet local regulatory needs for pollution control? Yep, that's worked out really well, considering that one of the additives that the tree-hugging, whalesaving, jackasses made oil companies add has been proven to cause cancer. Thanks morons.
This isn't a political issue, unless you count governmental interference in the supply chain, and the overtaxation on the demand side. Then, maybe the weasels should be investigating someone...they're just too stupid to realize that it should be themselves.

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