Friday, April 21, 2006

It's the economy stupid.....

-Unemployment is at 4.7% nationally, as low as it was during the "Roaring 90's" that Clinton got so much credit for, but didn't deserve.
-Home ownership is at an all time high, with more people owning their homes than EVER in the history of this country.
-Inflation has been held in check, despite huge increases in home heating costs and gasoline.
-Interest rates have remained affordable, despite some minor increases over the last two years.
-GNP is up every quarter for the last three years
-The stock market (and as such, the 401k's of damn near every American out there) is up for the last two years
-Businesses owned by black Americans grew at a rate 4x higher than average (45% versus 10%). Hispanic owned businesses grew at 3x the rate (31%) and women owned at 2x (20%).

So why is it that the major media isn't giving Republicans credit for the economy? Why are they not mentioning the economy at all, other than huge layoffs scheduled for GM, Ford, or other companies?

Oh yeah...I Whoared Dean's back pocket.

SeeBS, CommieNewsNetwork, NYSlimes, et al: Sucking at the teat of the Donkeys since 1900

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