Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What kind of dumbass would do this?

This jackass is here on a student visa, has been for 10 friggin years, and has the balls to advocate killing my president, VP, and other Republicans?

Oh hell no. Give me a reason, I'll go pay him a visit, with my scope fully sighted in, and one round. That's all I need.

Explain to me how it is that it takes you ten friggin years to get your degree. Don't we review those damn things? Ohhhhhh...yeah, I forgot. That's why the libs/dems/RINO's have been whining over the last several weeks. We can't POSSIBLY build a wall, keep track of people here on visa's, or set up a decent bureaucracy to handle the legal immigrants, making it much less desirable to be here illegally. That would be a violation of their human rights.

I say violate 'em. Either that, or put 'em in prison, and let them get violated there.....

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