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So, I'm dropping the kids off for a swim, reading the Detroit Free Press (cuz that's about the only time I can tolerate that rag), and find an article where a bunch of whiny, gay-rights, liberal, sensitive, 'we don't like anything that even remotely makes fun of us', 'lost my sense of humor when I lost my anal virginity' types are complaining that the latest ad campaign for the Dodge Caliber offends them.
Now, let me give you a background on the ad campaign, done by BBDO Detroit, called 'Anything but Cute':
A fairy (coincidence? I think not) is flying along, using her wand to turn things 'cute'. But she tries it on the Caliber and it doesn't change. She's then thrown to the sidewalk where this big 'tough-looking' guy, walking a rottweiler (or some other tough looking dog) laughs at her and she turns him into a sweater wearing geek, walking these little cutesy dogs.
Allow me to quote someone from the Triangle Foundation: "This guy looks pretty gay to me"- Jeffry Montgomery, Director of the Detroit-based Triangle Foundation (a major gay-rights, pillow-biting, too-sensitive for their own good, group). Now, they're saying that the straight people who made the advert are stereotyping? Are you kidding me?
If you go to the link and look at the guy, gay isn't the first thing that pops into my mind. More like he's a Chip-type that's walking his dogs prior to going to the country-club and sipping cosmopolitans with Muffy and Trish.
I mean, if they woulda put the guy with a feather boa, limp wrist, assless leather chaps, and tight babydoll tshirt, carrying one of those hairless chihuahua's in a pink, rhinestone dog-carrier, I'd buy their complaint, but jeez......Not everything is about you ladies, lighten up.

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