Friday, April 07, 2006

NASCAR discrimination

Michelle Malkin published an NBC memo which outlined a possible Dateline story where they would try to display anti-muslim bias by putting 'muslim-looking' individuals in an environment like a football game or NASCAR race and have some hidden cameras filming the reactions of the fans and how they treat the 'muslims'.
Now, there's just so much here to slap these 'yatches' around that I could spend all day. But let's look at it logically:
1. 'Muslim-looking'? This is almost as bad as the 'gay-looking' guy from the Caliber commercial. Is it all about looks? I thought that's what libs and the media keep trying to tell us that we shouldn't make assessments on someone based upon their looks. But let's make a sweeping generalization about someone that just because they have olive skin and dark hair that they are 'muslim looking'. Considering the Chechens are causasians and muslim, I'm thinking that assessment isn't quite on target.
2. Why don't they send someone to a Cindy Sheehan 'peace-lover' rally with a 'TEAM W' t-shirt or a t-shirt (like mine) that says "10 out of 10 terrorists prefer anyone but Bush", and take the hidden cameras to show how violent those scumbags really are?
3. I have two friends/co-workers, one of which is of Puerto-Rican descent, the other is black, and we went to a NASCAR event. Never once was anyone anything less than amazingly polite. People were tailgating, offering us beer, food, talking, giving my one friend crap for being a Jeff Gordon fan, etc. I suppose if you look hard enough for anything, you'll find it, but it would take a considerable amount of work.

I propose that folks attending NASCAR events over the next several weeks, if you see someone who 'looks' muslim, invite them over to have a burger with you. Don't offer them your beer or pulled pork (that alcohol/whole pig thing may offend, and God knows we don't want NBC to have any ammo). Be courteous, polite, welcoming, and show hospitality.

In other words, just act the way you do anyway. I know from personal experience, NASCAR fans are some of the best people out there. They may not have white collars and a liberal pedigree, but if I needed someone to work hard for me, back me up in a battle, or show me some good old fashioned hospitality, they're the folks I'd pick.
Never seen an incident where a fan ran out onto a track or into the pits and tried to kick one of the drivers' asses. If that pansy-assed idiot from the Pistons/Pacers game tried that crap at Michigan Speedway, at least one crew member woulda beaten him beyond recognition.

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