Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oprah: Republican?

Never have been much of an Oprah fan, but never really hated her either. I did take note when she ran her first marathon in the Marine Corps Marathon a couple years ago, which earned her some points, despite the fact that many an entrant into that race are huge libs....
But an interview with her published in People magazine shows that she gets it when it comes to wealth redistribution. People who are rich have no need to apologize if they've worked for it as hard as she has. The dumbass part about this is that it actually made news, or at least, was enough of a 'surprise' to the idiot writing the article that they made it a focus of the article. As well as Matt Drudge, who's Drudge Report I read damn near religiously. I just hope that he was pointing it out to help support the same idea that I'm putting forth here.
It's the Teddy Kennedy's of the world who need to apologize for spewing their blather about increasing the taxes on the super-rich, when all their money is hidden in the Cayman Islands and other places such as that.

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