Friday, March 31, 2006

Skulls full o' mush

Yes, I stole this term from Rush Limbaugh, to refer to yout's(stolen from My Cousin Vinny) in America, and their complete and utter inability to think for themselves, thanks to the the ever lowering standards of the public schools.
Now suddenly they take part in a few walkouts and they're displaying a 'Political awareness', which in turn the various media idiots start calling a new movement and say we should take note.
Bull. I guarantee you the majority of the kids who participated in the walkouts could give two shits about the 'cause', but rather, saw it as an opportunity to rebel against any sort of authority figure, and miss a day of school.
That's it. There's no deeper meaning to this because frankly, the majority of kids in high school just aren't intelligent enough to BE any deeper. Not ALL of the kids. Merely a good majority of them.
I teach a class at the local community college, which I acknowledge isn't exactly Harvard, but definitely is a place where academics/intellectual achievements are encouraged and rewarded. However, to see some of the writing skills of the folks who are in my class (I know some of you read this, take heart, if you're intelligent enough to have been reading this long, you're not in that group), it amazes me that they got out of high school, much less are getting ready to graduate from college.
The standards have definitely lowered, which I think you can turn around and point to the general lack of analytical skills as a reason that Dimwitocrats and the complicit media can get away with lying directly to the face of these people and they buy it hook, line, and sinker.

We're raising a generation of goldfish who merely want to swim around in their own little bowl and be spoon fed information flakes that they just accept without question.

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