Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ward Churchill rides again

As some of you long time readers know, I hate Ward Churchill. Not in a way that would lead me to track him down, cut his silly looking hair, beat him half to death with a rubber hose, and then tatoo "I am a complete asshat" on his forehead, but more like the "I hate what he stands for and symbolizes" hatred.
While the former would probably get me arrested, as attractive as it sounds, I'm not really into modelling sundresses for Bubba at the local county lockup.
If you remember, Mr. Churchill is the same idiot who called the people who worked in the World Trade Center "Little Eichmanns" comparing them to the Nazi, and said that the terrorists who attacked the US were actually a military team, as opposed to murderous little losers from the 3rd century-based society in response to the US killing a half million children in muslim countries. Obviously Mr. Churchill had no proof of these numbers, no corroboration of the numbers, no nothing.
Apparently, there is an investigation into whether Mr. Churchill (no, he's not a PhD, which one would think would be required for a tenure-track position at a major university) is truly an Indian (or native american for you PC sensitive weenies).
He says yes, and says that he's a member of the Keetoowah Cherokee Indian tribe. Now, in my opinion, no self-respecting tribe should really want this moron in their tribe, but with all the research that had been done, it's pretty obvious that this is a CYA (cover your assets) move that Churchill is making to make sure and continue his 6 figure income at taxpayer expense which allows him to criticize and belittle said taxpayers.

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