Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day

Yes, this post is a day late. But the principle is way overdue.

People in this country need to remember the facts when they consider the cost of freedom. We didn't just walk into this country free. We earned our freedom. And it wasn't the newspaper reporter that earned it. It wasn't the tree-hugging environmentalist that earned it. It wasn't the soccer mom, or the sign carrying protester. It wasn't the politician who complained about whatever the opposition does, no matter whether it was good or bad for the country, solely because they weren't getting credit for it.

It was the Marine, soldier, sailor, and airman who fought for our freedom who earned those people the right to protest, to speak out, and to whine, bitch, and complain about everything the American government and military does. It was the blood of those brave men and women that earned the right of the protester to carry that sign. It was the courage of those fighters who earned the right for that politician to critize them. It was those brave souls who protect our soccer moms (and dads) every single day. It's their sacrifice on the battlefield that brings about the plentiful life we all have today.

So, next time you think about complaining about the military operations, or the cost of the military, or the actions of the government against people who'd rather we weren't free, remember that pile of smoldering rubble where the Trade Centers used to be and think of what life would be like if it weren't for those troops. We'd see a lot more attacks like that on American soil.

God Bless our Troops

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