Tuesday, May 24, 2005

RINO's need to be surgically removed

Republicans in Name Only. RINO. That's what these people are. They like the money they get from the party, and like to be in the majority party, but if you examine their voting records and what spews from their mouths, they're really DemoncRats.
John McCain(AZ)- War hero or not, he still did everything he could to help John Kerry despite the evidence that he was lying about his actions in Vietnam. In addition, his consistent positions against any common sense approach to immigration and tax cuts puts him on this list
Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe(ME)- The twins. They voted to throw out the impeachment of President Clinton, despite the overwhelming evidence. They consistently side with DemoncRats in nearly every public position they take. They're the lowest ranking Republican Senators in the American Conservative Union's (ACU) Conservative Index, other than KING RINO, Lincoln Chafee (RI).
And of course, Lincoln Chafee. This guy is finally not running for re-election so at least the Republican party can know that the senator from Rhode Island truly IS a DemoncRat, rather than a DemoncRat that is funded by the Republican Party.
Reviewing ACU's list, I was rather surprised to find John Warner(VA) near the bottom, but judging from his joining of this 'coalition' of the middle-grounders, I guess my assumption that he was a strong conservative is way off base. I'll include him in my future rants about gutless, cowardly pansies who are afraid of how they may be written about in the New York Times editorial section.

Guess we're all wrong once in a while. Of course, these clowns are wrong more often than not.
Isn't it great that despite the desires of the American people, electing 55 Senators, their will is stomped on by 14 rogue Senators?


Anonymous said...

McCain does have a couple of things going for him. You mention his war record, that's definately a plus. That guy is a badass. But, he also has the benefit of pulling independants and even some moderate liberals over to the Republican side of the pond. That's never a bad thing.

Certainly, a lot of people wish he had won the GOP nomination in 2000, and hope that he runs in '08. Personally, I'm looking for some Rudy, Rudy, Rudy chants instead...

Unknown said...

The problem with McCain for the Republican nomination is that he alienates pretty much the entire rest of the party. Anyone with any Libertarian thoughts in the Republican party and of course the Christian conservatives tend to dislike him a lot, mostly because of his stands on immigration, but also for his wonderful (sarcasm intended) campaign finance reform bill, McCain/Feingold which allowed more money than ever in history to be poured into a presidential race.