Monday, May 16, 2005

Newsweek lied- People died

Yeah, ok, I stole my title from the idiot liberals who constantly chanted the phrase about our president, but it fits the situation.

Newsweek posts a story about American interrogators abusing and desecrating the Koran (quran, qoran, whatever) and people in predominantly islamic countries go insane. Riots in Uzbekistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and your standard flag-burning protests complaining about the US being evil, demons, devils, whatever.
At the end of the weekend, there are at least 15 dead, and approximately 60 injured as a result.
Now, as an American, I don't quite understand the uproar, but again, I live in the 21st century, not the 3rd like many of these idiots do. But, I certainly would not blame the US military, considering the Newsweek article by Mike Isikoff was based on facts that he could not corroborate with ANY other source, other than his one, off the record, source. During the ONE journalism class I took, we learned that if you have to have an unnamed source, you MUST corroborate their story with at least one other source, preferably two others. Apparently Mr. Isikoff and his editors failed that class.
But with a toilet paper of a magazine like Newsweek, I'd expect as much.
Thanks idiots for the people who protect your right to publish your smarmy crap of a magazine at risk, while you have YET to admit that the article is based upon a lie.

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Bad Andy said...

They finally admitted it... too little, too late?