Friday, May 20, 2005

Nukular option

I haven't posted much about the so-called 'nuclear option' mostly because I don't think it's that big a deal. But a video I saw today made it pretty clear to me that it is. (yes, those liberal freaks), have created a commercial that I'm sure will be running on major news media reports over the next couple days for free, since it's a 'news' story, that parody's Revenge of the Sith. 'Revenge of the Frist' basically says that Senator Frist is trying to blow up the capital, destroy the republic, and is otherwise a bad guy.
The asinine thing about this whole argument is that for the DemoncRats to say that Frist is 'changing the rules', takes a set of cojones the size of their egos.
When Ruth Bader Ginsberg was appointed to the Supreme Court, DemoncRats were the majority in the Senate. While Republicans would have loved to filibuser her nomination, as a former head of the ACLU, and arguably one of the most liberal judges ever appointed to the Supreme Court, they did not do it, because of the tradition and history of allowing every appointee an up or down vote.
DemoncRats are in a power grab. They say that the majority of America agrees with them. But if that's the case, why is it that a majority of Americans voted for Republican Senators? Why is it that a majority of Americans voted for Republican Representatives? Why is it that a majority of Americans voted for President Bush? Oh, perhaps it's because they're deluded and are under the impression that the American people can't COUNT. Either that or they're hoping that when they went to public schools, those same schools that DemoncRats have been in charge of for 50 years, they didn't teach the people how to tell 'greater than'.
Hey Chuckie Schumer, back off. We won, you lost, get over it. Let Priscilla Owen and the rest get their day in the Senate.
And don't get me started on Dirty Harry Reid and his slimeball move against appointee Henry Saad. For him to go on the floor of the Senate, and refer to Saad's confidential FBI file derogatorily, after having NOT read it, shows how desperate the Rats are.
Let 'em sweat. We'll win. Justice will prevail.

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