Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Voter fraud- WI and WA

As many of us already knew, from anectdotal evidence, there was widespread voter fraud in this last election. And we don't mean the voter fraud that was expected by the Democrats where someone 'hacks' the Diebold machines, (unless you listen to Theresa Heinz and her 'mother machines' argument).
No, this fraud was committed by Democratic supporters. Go figure. The people who whined the most about the potential for fraud building up to the election were the ones that were shown to be the ones that committed the most fraud. Maybe they were preparing their defense prior to the election and this was all a big plan.

Nah, they're not that smart.

Wisconsin: An FBI task force investigating the election in Milwaukee, at least 200 felons voted that weren't eligible to and more than 100 instances of people voting twice or using fake names or addresses. They found evidence of voters using names of dead people to vote, apparently taking the cue from their neighbors a couple hours down I-94. Wisconsin is one of only a few states that have same day registration, a process that just invites fraud. Over 1300 of the same day registrations were unable to be processed after the election due to various mistakes such as fake names, bad addresses, or other issues. However, they anticipate that no charges will be filed because the recordkeeping at the cityhall is so poor that they couldn't provide the evidence required to prove any charges.
Washington: Dino Rossi lost the election for governor in Washington by 129 votes to Christine Gregoire. There were 660 'provisional' ballots that were counted without the required verification of voter eligibility. Those were in King county, which is primarily Democratic, and probably gave Gregoire the victory. There was also at least 99 known felons that were ineligible to participate in the election, but did anyway, along with another list that is being reviewed by county prosecutors that could pust that number up around 900. Again, felons are known to favor Democrats by about a 90-10 ratio. Again, that would push the election into Gregoire's favor.

It took three counts to get the Democrat the victory, the first two resulted in a Rossi victory.

Senator Hillary Clinton is pushing for the "Count Every Vote Act" where ex-cons will be allowed to vote, a holiday will be created for election day, and that paper receipts will be kept for all votes, and up to $500 million authorized to help the states pay for

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