Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kilpatrick's expenses exposed

I've already talked about America's worst mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick of Detroit. But here's some more details on what he spent the city's money on:
-Spa visits
-Suite at the Luxor in Las Vegas
-$850 steakhouse dinner
-$836 charged to the city's credit card for his sisters stay in New Orleans
-$3,837 for chauffered cars over a four day period
-$11,644 for Super Bowl hotel rooms

Apparently Kilpatrick doesn't like the Detroit Free Press looking into his expenses as he has refused to provide the bills and receipts, despite the fact that it's a violation of the Freedom of Information Act.

If Detroit needs anything right now, it's NOT another free-spending mayor. For a city that is hurting so badly economically, to have someone in charge who isn't willing be open and transparent about things like this. Of course, he has offered to pay in full for everything that has shown up on that card.

One wonders how much he'd be willing to cut a check for had he not been caught. I'd be willing to bet that it wouldn't be much.

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