Saturday, May 07, 2005

Food for Bureaucrats scandal take a turn

Paul Volker, who was hired to investigate the 'Food for Oil' scandal at the UN, and who found Kofi Annan 100% innocent of any wrongdoing, has now asked Congress to 'back off' in their investigation OF the investigation.
Paul Volcker, the head of the U.N.-appointed panel probing the oil-for-food scandal, yesterday asked Congress to drop its efforts to force an investigator who resigned from the panel to testify about any top-level corruption at the world body.
Mr. Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman, warned the integrity of his investigation and the safety of witnesses interviewed by the committee both could be at stake if U.S. lawmakers follow through on subpoenas for Robert Parton's appearance(Washington Times).
Mr. Parton and one other investigator had quit the panel last month in protest of what they felt was the panel's kid-glove treatment of Annan.

One of the most interesting twists in this story is that Parton's lawyer is Lanny Davis. The same Lanny Davis that is so famous for being a Clinton apologist/puppet during those awful eight years.

Despite the fact that I KNOW that the MSM isn't going to spend any time going after this story, because it's only their JOB to do so, it just amazes me that this doesn't get more press. I mean it has all the pieces that they normally like. Nepotism, large amounts of money, international players, cover-ups, obscene profits made on oil. Oh yeah, I forgot the one thing it doesn't include. George W. Bush or anyone on the right being blamed. Silly me.

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