Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Good news from the Mideast

In case you were watching ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN, a piece of news has happened that wouldn't have passed their "does this make America look bad?" filter.

Kuwaiti women have won the right to vote and run for political office in Kuwait. While this may seem like common sense, in the Middle East, this is a MAJOR victory. Typical of the major news outlets (other than Fox News) it was relegated to a secondary story with a mention of perhaps 15 seconds. Not even perky little feminist, Katie Couric made a big deal out of an otherwise paternalistic society, allowing their women citizens to vote.
Where are the feminists celebrating in the streets? Where is Gloria Steinem? Where is Hillary? Why are they not screaming this from the mountaintops?

Oh yeah, that's right, that'd be because they'd have to give George W. Bush credit for pressuring various governments in the Middle East into giving their citizens additional freedoms. Can't have that.

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