Saturday, May 07, 2005

Et tu, Georgia?

Apparently the idea of 'zero tolerance' in schools has reached Columbus, Georgia. According to
A high school junior has been suspended for the rest of the school year for refusing to end a cell phone call to his mother who is a soldier in Iraq. Kevin Francois, a 17-year-old at Spencer High School, was suspended for disorderly conduct Wednesday after a confrontation that began when he was told to give up his cell phone at lunch during the call, he said.
Now, I'm all for discipline in the schools, but this is just ridiculous. What's their argument? Is it "If we let one student talk to their mom in Iraq, pretty soon we'll have to let ALL the students who's moms are in Iraq talk to them" ?
I say, let them. If their moms are brave and self-sacrificing enough to go to Iraq instead of these lazy principal-types, I have no problem with that.
According to the assistant principal at Spencer High School, Alfred Parham the suspension was based upon his reaction to being told to give up his cell phone. Hmm, my mom is in Iraq and you tell me I can't talk to her DURING MY LUNCH HOUR, outside the building. Yes, I think I'd get disorderly too.
I've already linked to Mr. Parham's email, but here are a few other emails that you may want in order to support this kid:
Principal Olivia T. Rutledge Phone- 706-685-7652
To add insult to injury, the schools website also has a "We support our troops" banner on their website. In addition, they've come out with a press release which of course absolves the school district and the teacher of any responsibility in this incident.
Even if the kid was a bit out of line with his behavior during the confrontation, suspending him for 10 days is an overreaction caused by too much of a "we're right, you're wrong" attitude you'll find in too many schools nowadays.

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