Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dimwitocrats are nuts

Need another reason to point to that explains why Democrats will never be the 'middle America' party again? Take a look a the skewering that a moderate Democrat, Joe Lieberman is getting for his support of the war in Iraq. His primary opponent is apparently anti-war, but of course, that's the only thing that's getting him any attention at all, since he spews the same boilerplate Dimwit agenda at his stump speeches. High end Dimwit supporters like Babs "I can sing AND spell" Streisand and George "I am not a Crook...ok, maybe I am" Soros have been donating money to Liebermans opponent, despite having no idea what else he stands for. Markos whateverhisname is from Daily Kos (no link love here for that commie scumbag, you figure it out yourself), and his fellow leftwing moonbats love to trash Lieberman for his moderate views.
Apparently the only way that those crazies will show you some liberal love is if you show that you're for gay marriage, against the war, for raising taxes, for socialized medicine, for burning the flag, anti-anything American, and I'm sure I've forgotten something.....
When Al Gore ran with Lieberman, I felt that even if Gore won, hopefully Lieberman would be able to steady his left-wing stance on a lot of things. Luckily, Gore didn't win, but during that race, I gained a lot of respect for Senator Lieberman.
Too bad it seems to worked the opposite way for those on the other end of the political spectrum.

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