Monday, June 26, 2006

And since we're dispelling liberal garbage.....

Let's also dispel the BS about how Saddam had absolutely no link to the Taliban, 9/11, or al-Qaeda.
Thank God for Foxnews. I don't exactly like the fact that they tend to be a secondary press office for the White House, especially during the immigration arguments, but when you hire someone like Ollie North to cover the troops, and Neil Cavuto to talk business, I'm in your corner. I could do without O'Reilly, Gretawhatshername, and some of the others, but heck, we can't have everything.
Ray Robinson, former director of the CIA directed Iraq Survey Group, and his team have taken documents captured over the last several years and translated them. These documents show, without a doubt that Saddam had several different links to the Taliban and al Qaeda. He also examined the links between Saddam and weapons of mass destruction. Take a read, as it'll give you some things to think about.

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